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The Extreme Fitness Ankle Wrist Weighted Straps are designed to help intensify your regular workouts by adding a few extra weights to your ankle or wrists. They are comfortable and secure once fastened.

The great thing about ankle or wrist weights is that you can use a comparatively small amount of weight to greatly increase the fatigue caused by high-volume exercises. Power walking, shadow boxing, and even jogging are all ideally suited if you want to find a way to increase the intensity of your training so that you can see amazing results faster.

By progressively increasing the size of the weights, and starting with low-impact exercises first, you can steadily progress to the point where you can think about adding a tactical weight vest to your workouts. This simple approach to training works well for people of all ages and abilities, and allows you to easily see the progress you’re making week by week.


Sold in pairs

Each set is designed for use on the wrists and ankles for extra versatility

Adjustable strap Velcro closure system, padded and non-abrasive lining for comfort

Great for walking, jogging and core training