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The Extreme Fitness Ironwod black bumper series are extremely durable and high quality.

Perfect for high repetition use on Olympic weightlifting and HIIT workouts.

The bumper plates have an IWF standard size of 450mm in diameter and the weight tolerance is within 1%.

Made from high quality dense rubber. You will not see our plates bend out of shape.

The steel insert is forged with a rebar and moulded into the rubber. Our steel inserts are very easy to load and deload from the barbell.

The black bumpers also have a nice low bounce which makes them sturdy and controllable when dropped to the floor.

3 Year Warranty on the bumpers (excludes general wear and tear)

Fits any Olympic 2" bars.


Thinner than your average bumper plates

Forged stainless steel inserts

Minimal bounce

450mm IWF standard size

Factory tested to withstand over 15,000 drops

Vulcanised rubber to ensure durability

Sold in pairs