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The Extreme Fitness Round Dumbbells 2.5-50kg sets and Rack have been designed to meet the requirements of commercial gyms and training facilities.

These rubber dumbbells features round heads with a thick fully knurled handle for extra grip and durability.

The round rubber dumbbells are coated with a premium low odor rubber that protects your floors when dropped. The noise is kept to a minimum too.

20 sets of dumbbells are included which will give you plenty of weight options to work with.

Set includes:

2 x 2.5kg
2 x 5kg
2 x 7.5kg
2 x 10kg
2 x 12.5kg
2 x 15kg
2 x 17.5kg
2 x 20kg
2 x 22.5kg
2 x 25kg
2 x 27.5kg
2 x 30kg
2 x 32.5kg
2 x 35kg
2 x 37.5kg
2 x 40kg
2 x 42.5kg
2 x 45kg
2 x 47.5kg
2 x 50kg

The rack has protective rubber-encased dumbbell saddles protect the dumbbells from excessive wear and tear. This rack is great for organizing your dumbbells and keeping your workout area clear!

1 x 2 tier rack with non slip rubber feet.

Rack Dimensions: 74cm H x 420cm W x 54cm D

The great thing about this set is that it comes with a LIFETIME guarantee!