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The Extreme Fitness Free Standing Functional Trainer is a compact Dual Pulley which has adjustable arms. Comes with a 90kg weight stack.

Experience silky-smooth pulling training for optimal muscle loading

With 1 x 90KG weight block 20 * 4.5 kg graded in three colors (traffic light)

Finely adjustable training weight: thanks to 2x integrated/selectable transmission (1:2 + 1:4)

Maximum flexibility: 10-fold height-adjustable & 180° swiveling pull device

The Extreme Fitness Free Standing Functional Trainer offers you a variety of training options for the entire body! Thanks to the ball-bearing pulleys, a sleeve bearing for the weight discs and stretch-free steel cables with a protective coating, you train as soft as silk for an even and optimal muscle load!

The 10-fold height-adjustable pull rollers not only allow you to always find the optimal training position, but also enable a comprehensive range of exercises. The 180° swiveling roller units ensure maximum freedom of movement and an optimal range of motion - ideal for dynamic pulling exercises!

So that you always find the optimal training weight, you have a weight block with 20 x 4.5 kg (90 kg) at your disposal. Thanks to the quickly selectable weight ratio (1:2 + 1:4), the Multi Functional Trainer enables you to do both light rehabilitation training and ambitious strength training!

All advantages for your training at a glance:

90 kg plug-in weights (20 x 4.5 kg) for light to heavy strength training

Fine weight gradation thanks to 2 adjustable ratios - 1:2 and 1:4

10-fold height-adjustable pull rollers

quick and easy adjustment of the pull rollers via slide/locking rail

with lasered position numbers

Silky-smooth and jerk-free running characteristics thanks to the plain bearing of the weight discs, ball-bearing pulleys and stretch-free steel cables with protective coating

incl. 2 x one-hand grip long

including 2 snap hooks

with 21 exercises comprehensive exercise board right in the middle in the field of vision

with safety protective cover

with large feet, floor-friendly and non-slip




Weight 225kg