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Our large foam roller is designed to enable anyone to soothe and massage their muscles before and after periods of intense training, without having to try and find the time and money to visit a physiotherapist. Simply by rolling out the muscles which feel tight and sore, (commonly the hips and outer thighs) you can prepare your body for the recovery phase so that you continue to make progress with your training.

Nothing is more frustrating than having to forego a training session you’ve been looking forward to, or tapering off just when you want to be peaking, and it’s all too often easily avoidable. By taking a proactive approach to rest and recovery you can stimulate your muscles into a growth and repair phase. That way you can keep up the momentum in your training so that in time you will not achieve, but surpass the goals you set yourself at the start of the year.

Measures 62 x 14cm.


Available in blue, black, or orange

Measures 62 x 14 cm — ideal for users of all sizes and weights

Helps reduce tightness, soreness, and muscle fatigue