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The Extreme Fitness EX-FR-100 Folding Wall Mount Rack is a great space saving alternative to our full sized power racks. The perfect solution for athletes training at home or at a small facility where floor space is limited.

The rack is wall mounted to the wall and folds outwards into a fully functional power rack. Once finished it folds back inwards to give you the space back.

The uprights are made from 3 x 3" 11 guage steel to support heavy weight. It is laser cut to precision, has numbers lasered on and has UHMW plastic feet which allows a scratch free movement on your floor.

The rack features a height adjustable pull up bar which holds the frame together. Easy to attach and deattach.

A set of J Hooks are included with the rack.

Wanting to add a dip bar, spotter arms or landmine to this rack? Visit our rack accessories page. All 3 x 3" racks are universal and the attachments can be added.

Important: Wall mounting hardware is not included with the rack. As every wall is different, we recommend you seek advice from a professional builder for the best fixing method and correct hardware required to set the rack up safe and securely.


Matte Black Finish

3 x 3" thick uprights

Height: 226cm

Width: 125cm

Depth: 52cm

Pair of J hooks included

Adjustable pull up bar

NO instructions included, we recommend seeking a professional builder for installation