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After years in the making, we our proud to introduce the Extreme Fitness Deadlift Bar.

It is 2.3m in length which is longer than your average barbell. This provides more flex compared to a normal power bar which heavy lifters prefer. No centre knurling and an aggressive knurling.

Weighs 20kg and has a loadable sleeve of 37.5cm.

Our shaft is 28mm which is usually uncommon in traditional deadlift bars (27mm).

We made a thicker shaft as the most lifters prefer a thicker and more burley grip.

To still achieve the same flex with the 28mm shaft we went with a tensile strength of 200,000psi. The steel blend used is very unique to provide the flex without having to reduce the diameter of the shaft. It is also strong enough to handle heavy loads without warping.

The shaft has a cerakote armour black finish and the sleeves have high quality bronze bushings.

Please note this bar is specifically for deadlifts only, not suitable for other static or olympic lifting.

Warranty: 3 Years


Overall Length: 2300 mm
Weight: 20 kg
Diameter: 28MM
Resistance: 600 Kg