commercial flat bench
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commercial flat bench
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The Extreme Fitness Commercial flat bench is the perfect utility bench designed to withstand heavy loads and offering maximum stability. Made from 3 x 3" 11 guage steel, this bench can withstand 480kg (including the user) making this ideal for a home gym owner to a competitive powerlifter.

Features a 4" thick pad with a grippy coat to keep you stable when lifting heavy.

Another key feature to the flat bench is the design. We have a single front pole rather than wide legs seen from the traditional benches. This allows more leg room to set your feet for bench pressing.

The bench pad is 12" wide for extra support on your shoulders.

Height is 17" from the ground.


3″x3″, 11-gauge steel frame with thick mounting/connecting plates

Three foot design to allow more foot placement

4" thick pad

Pad length is 48" and width 12"

Height from ground: 17"

Built with a handle and wheels to ease mobility

480kg weight capacity